Sunday, October 14, 2012


I've always been dreaming, hoping and wishing to travel and go around the world since I was a little girl. (Pero bago ang world Philippines muna diba?) Alam mo yong tipong pakiramdam na yung mga Celebrities and rich people lang ang may karapatang mag travel dahil sila ang may maraming pera na pwede waldasin and na kakapag travel dahil may mga sponsors. So when I first got a job and earned my own money, I told myself this is it... as in eto eto na ang simula at pag kakataon ko para LAKBAYIN ang mundo ng personal hindi lang ng lumilipad na diwa at imahinasyon ko. Kasi naman ng estudyante palang ako wala naman ako sapat na pera para sa mga galaan mode. Yung tamang may pamasahe lang, tamang may pang project, tamang may pang budget lang sa araw araw. Natural di ko naman yun pedeng gastusin sa galaan dahil ako ang tatamaan ng aking parents. Kaya ayun first on my bucklist list when I received my paycheck ay talagang sundin ko ang hinihingi nga puso, isip, atay, bulunbalunan ko kasama na dun bilbil ko - ang mag TRAVEL.   

TAGAYTAY was my very first destination. Well for the very obvious reasons: 
1.  Very accessible like only 2 hours’ drive from Manila  
2. Second: cheap travel expenses, if my memory serves me right I think we spent like 500-700 pesos only including the round trip bus & jeepney fare and food less the souvenirs. 
3. Cold weather just like Baguio, you don't have to get that far to escape Manila's summer heat.   
4. And of course the TAAL lake which where the remarkable Taal valcano crater is located.   

To tell you, this trip was not even planned. Me and my bestfriend were having this heart to heart talked one day about aspiration, dream, destiny, what we want in life then suddenly it just crossed our minds. Hey! Why don't we treat ourselves for the day's hard work? What? Out of town maybe? But where? -- There a trip to Tagaytay happened and the rest is history.

As the sign says People's park in the sky. Wonder why? Kasi when you are on the top you will feel like you're holding the cloud but actually it was the fog. 


Eto nanaman ko...attempting to do my blog. GRABEEEEE!!! imagine? It’s been almost a year since the last time I posted my one and only at iisang blog post dated October 2011..tsskkk tsskkk. Nahalukay ko etong aking blog account sa mahimbing na pagtulong, dahil sa katagalan.... anak ng!!!....nakalimutan ko na ang aking pinakatatagong password at ayaw mag log in dahil ibang email address buti na lang user friendly itong si pareng kaya ayun na revive ko din . Siguro kung ito marahil ay isang bagay na nakatago sa baul baka ngayun inaamag nato at kupas na. Pero dahil sobrang na iinspire na talaga ako sa aking mga friendships (with "S" talaga? dahil more than one?) na sina #Miyoshi (she is actually a professional blogger, I must say.. oh I forgot she just recently received an award) and most especially my very close friend and travel buddy na si #MhonaAndrade na nag aattempt din mag blog kagaya ko. I felt guilty last night super duper inabot ako ng malalim na gabi without doing much related work dahil sa pagkaaliw ko sa nakakaadik na mga blogs at bloggers.   

After my trip to Palawan I promised to myself I'd really take blogging seriously and true to my words here I am.
Last night I read some of the blogs for a start so I have something to start with. Magkaroon ba ako ng idea on how to start it. Sabi ng nabasa ko sa isa sa mga blogs na nabasa lang din daw nya though I can't remember if she or he mentioned where she or he got it. The line goes something like this "Ikaw mag babasa ka na lang ba? Bat di mo kaya itry mag sulat din " Kaya eto na tuloy tuloy na to. Oo nga naman bat di natin try wala namang nag babawal diba? pwera nalang yang anti-cyber cyber crime law na yan but I will not dwell on that gusto ko light na topic hahaha. Seriously eto na itutuloy ko na to. It feels good that you are able to express well your ideas, opinions and observations around you. Alam mo yung WOW everything is pouring on your head without you realizing that you have that ability and passion pala sa pagsusulat.

Well wish me luck.. my next topic; Is all about my VERY FIRST AIRPLANE RIDE EXPERIENCE.

Signing off Neneng_gala  

Saturday, October 15, 2011


I've been meaning to create my own blog since the social network trend  has become a part of the our daily lives. I couldn't find time to simply sit back, organize my thoughts and start writing a blog due to the many task I dare not ignore. Plus the fact that I always put off the idea of  staring blackly at the monitor coz I have no topic to start with at take note in English pa.  I must say I'm not good at creative writing but would you believe my greatest dream is to write a book? (Ambisyosa diba?) But any way, that's altogether a different story. I might talk about it these days.

What finally convince me to start doing it was the day  I've read a magazine article (Cosmo Mag) saying about things you wanted to do for the longest time but you got no courage to start doing it.

Well, finally I'm here! For a start this will do for now.

Signing off